WELCOME is a 16 chanel sound-installation. The first time it was presented at the office building of the "Ministery for Culture NRW" in 2017. The glass-fassade is the direct connection between the entrance-hall and the outside of Düsseldorf. 16 special lautspeaker changed 16 single windows in each window-field to loudspeaker.

The installation is a 24 hour sound installation which is using different languages. The windows randomly say "welcome" and "good bye" in different languages. Depending on the time it changes to "good afternoon" and "good bye" or "good night". It's a polyphone mix of different "welcomes" and saying "good byes's" during the day, like "Ni hao", "Buon Giorno" - "Aufwiedersehen", "konichiwa" - "Ciao", .......

The installation uses more than 20 languages .

sketch for the loud-speaker arrangement on the windows

entrance hall of the ministery for culture in NRW, Düsseldorf

loud-speaker detail at the window