Transcription - Image

(part 3)


Transcription- Image ("part 3" decoded- image ), the transformation from audio to image "part 3" is part of the Transcription- Image series and another step of conceptual thoughts. The accoustic audio files from PART 2 are about descriptions of “reality” which makes them equal to an image but not in a visual way. The information is coded in language. "part 3" takes every of those descriptions and decode it back to a visual image, which is simply filtered through the computer software by black, white and grey tones. In a same way the result is a new code even it tries to decode. The size and structure of the image depends on the description from "part 2". The longer the person described, the bigger the decoded picture, the faster the person talked the darker the grey tones, the louder the person talked the more tight the little structure got.

From each single description of "part 2" is a "part 3" decoded image generated.

further information on request

"ars viva 11/12 - Sprache" exhibition at Museum Weserburg Bremen (2012)

Amharic (decoded image) in Berlin at Konrad Fischer gallery (2011)

some examples of this series ...

No. 3080514arq - (Amharic - 96 x 121 cm)

No. 3080514rus - (Russian - 100 x 127cm)

No. 3100626li2 - (Li - 115 x 137cm)

No. 3120104rus - (Russian - 141 x 90 cm)

No. 3120829mnc - (Manchu - 134 x 169 cm)

No. 3121204jeju2 - (Jeju-Korean - 265 x 165 cm)

No. 3110603ita - (Italian - 135 x 174 cm)