Transcription - Image

(part 2)


Transcription- Image (Part 2 sound-image )

"Part 2" of the series is a conceptual step which is based on the ideas of "Part 1". I asked different people to replace my large format camera through their voice. So we went to the place where I actually wanted to take a photo of. I asked the person to describe what they see. They should be my photo film. I was recording the description with an audio recorder. Most “images” I have chosen have been landscapes, architecture or portraits. The white framed loudspeaker in the show replace the photograph which would hang in the same place. This loudspeaker becomes a talking image.

Ainu, Arabic (Algeria), Ethiopian, Chinese, English, Estonian, Even, Gelao, Guarani, Gujarati, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Li, Man, Miao, Pidgin-English, Punjabi, Russian, Sawahili, Tagalog, Tao, Thai, Yakut,

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"Transformation" solo-exhibition at Konrad Fischer gallery Düsseldorf (2010)

sound - image

installation Konrad Fischer gallery Berlin (2014)

exhibtion at Konrad Fischer gallery Düssedlorf (2015)

some examples of this series ...

No. 2080113eng (English)

No. 2120114sah (Sakha)

No. 2120829mnc (Manchu)

No. 2121204jeju1 (Jeju-Korean)

No. 2140501eng-p (Pidgin - English)

No. 2110228jpn1 (Japanese)