Time at DaInDieFront Space, Düsseldorf (2023)

TIME is a performance in a room with three clocks. A digital clock, a pendulum clock and a regular kitchen clock. The performer is sitting in the center under a light bulb and announcing the time to the audience. The interval of speaking is up to the performer, also the choice of clock. The duration for each participating perfomer is one hour of their time. 

No. 07  HJW (Düsseldorf)

No. 03 UM (Düsseldorf)

No. 15 DB (Düsseldorf)

No. 10 GK (Düsseldorf)

No. 04 MF (Düsseldorf)

No. 11 KJ(Düsseldorf)

TIME No. 19 HS  at DaIndieFront, Düsseldorf (2023)

TIME No. 06, at SOCIO:1, Ibaraki, Osaka (2022)

No. 11 (Osaka)

No. 04 (Osaka)

No. 02 (Osaka)

No. 10 (Osaka)