Snow Walk


sound sculpture of different geometric patterns

„Snow Walk“ is a series of four different geometric patterns (line, triangle, square and circle).
The sound was recorded from walking footsteps in the snow. The sound of footsteps in -50 °C/ -58 F sounds different than in one degree higher or lower. These geometric patterns have been stepped in the snow and the turning corners have been accousticly recorded. The loudspeakers fix the corners of the geometric form and plays the sound of the footsteps, which walking like a ghost from speaker to speaker.

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"SAKHA" solo-exhibition at Konrad Fischer Berlin (2013)  "Fig.02 - SQUARE"

"SAKHA" solo-exhibition at Konrad Fischer Berlin (2013)  "Fig.02 - SQUARE"

"Mit losen Enden" exhibtion at Kunsthaus NRW - Kornelimünster Aachen (2015)  "Fig.04 - LINE"