Ice - Whispering


The abstract phantom sound of „Ice-Whispering“ in temperatures below -55 °C/ -67 F

Ice-Whispering / Star-Whisper is a sound phenomenon which appears only in specific area conditions so as you can find in Sibiria, Oymyakon (Pole of Cold) in temperatures below -55 Celsius degrees. This sound appears when breath is freezing. The steam of breath is freezing that quick, that all the micro water drops crystalize in a speed which creates the phenomenon. It‘s like the shadow or the abstract form of spoken words.This sound was recorded in 2012 at the „Pole of Cold“ (Oymyakon) in Russia while having -57 /-70,6 F degrees celsius. The whispering words describe the village around one o‘clock in the moring while the temperature was at -57 °C/ -70,6 F.

Oymyakon is a littel vilage in Sibiria. It has around 500 inhabitants and is named „the Pole of Cold“. In 1926 there was a temperature from -71,2 °C/ -96,16 F measured.

The recorded ice-whispering sound has a duration of 2:35 mins and is presented in a completely dark room with 8 loud-speakers. The recording temperature was -57°C/ -70,6 F in Oymiakon in January 2012.

There was a project-blog created to follow the trip to Oymiakon: