Performance and installation of babylonian poliphonic language mix

Interpreters in standard interpreter booths are translating a narrative initiated description by a team of speakers (story-tellers). The story-tellers are talking about the entering visitors. The stories and descriptions are translated from one foreign language into another foreign language; the audience/visitors are confronted with a polyphonic mix of languages which can be heart in the exhibition space through the loudspeakers on each booth. The story teller start talking and all the interpreters follow interpreting until the story-teller stops, then the interpreters will also fade out.

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sketch of the function and construction of FUGE

story-teller booth in the installation (2011)

installation view at Museum Folkwang Essen (2011)

simultanious interpreter (english, japanese, german, english, spanish, french, russian, spanish

detail of a visitor and the booth

detail of a visitor and the booth

view from inside of the booth