accoustic „portrait of a family“

Family members are asked to describe each other (appearance, character) and to tell stories about their relatives; each person is represented by a speaker hidden behind a black canvas giving the family position (father, first-born, daughter etc.)

The sound goes from one to the other loudspeaker and end up as a polyphonic sound mix.

Portraits of families so far:

- JEJU family
- YAKUT family
- GUARANI family

the plan is to continue this project; interested persons are most welcome to contact the artist

further information on request

solo-exhibition "Zwei" at the Konrad Fischer Gallery (2014)

left side the loudspeaker-boards and on the right the sketch to understand who described whom

the Korean family described each other, the boards are loudspeaker and represent each member of the family

each speaker is 60 x 80 x 5 cm and is painted black with blackboard-color (black) the writing is chalk in Korean language (depending on the family, those writings name the speaker like "mother",  "step-son", ...)