Déjà-vu / 20 years


monument in process

For the next 20 year the set up box in Hongcheon is a super size Camera Obscura. Inside of the box is instead of photo paper a 2,44x 2,44 m wooden wall, which will be exposed. The light can enter the box through a little hole and will project the outside on the wooden wall. The picture will darken the wood and show the landscape flipped and upside down as a negative.
After 20 years the house will be removed and the exposed wall will be left over as a monument  of a 20 years recording.

further information on request

invitation card for 18th September 2034 at 3pm in Hongcheon in pink factory

sketches (2015)

20 years sculpture

Image-sculpture (2015) in Hongcheon/ Korea at the Pink Factory garden