Communication Model 01 - Calling 



Calling public phones from the exhibition


The Communication Model 01 is a  phonebooth. It is in working order and can be used by visitors. Inside the booth are several numbers posted. Those numbers can be dialed after using the coins which are available at the staff. The numbers are a collection of telephone-numbers from other public phones around the world. Visitors can call Beijing, New York, Tel-Aviv, Moscow, Sao Paulo, Seoul, Cannes, ...

If a passers-by takes the call, the conversation can start. It‘s a pseudo offer to communicate to other cultures because it needs two people who are willing to use this public phones to talk to unknown people.


further information on request

phone booth for the show "ars viva 11/12 - language" at Museum Weserburg Bremen (2012)

a person from Sao Paulo (BRA) took a phone call and was wondering why sb. from Germany call a phonebooth

phone booth with 12 numbers to call other public phones world wide