Communication Model 04 - Chinese Whispers


"Communication Model 04 - Chinese Whispers" is another model for misunderstanding, anti-communication and a transfer of meaning based on language.


The work is based on three rooms, one room is in the middel of the others (totally white) which can not be accessed by the visitors but has at least 12 performers sitting on tables inside. The other rooms can be accessed by the visitors through different entry doors so that they can see the performers only from their side, meanwhile they can see the visitors on the other side of the performance room.


Visitors can speak a sentence or any content in a microphone on their side, which will be heart from a performer in the "white office". After the information reaches the first performer, it will be communicated via "chinese whispers" from one to the other performer, so that the last performer will speak out the transformed sentence, which mostly is totally changed. The content will be heart via loudspeaker only on the third room on the other side of the "white office".

Visitors can start a communication with all the loss and transformation of their original sentence.

The first and the last performer also leave the sentence to a protocol writer who types the incoming and the outgoing sentence on a paper also in copy so that the visitor who input the content will get the protocol-copy after the conversation is finished.



The performance was shown the first time as a part of the "Kunststörer" section of the "asphalt- Sommerfestival der Künste" Düsseldorf


Performance Set without performer, 12 tables, chairs, 2 microphones, headphones, headset-sets

A typewriter us used by a performer to write down the protocol of the information transfer

Communication model 04 - Transfer