In the work a.v.p.were photographs (Polaroids) which I took in Papua New Guinea, signed, dated, titled, stamped and sent by post. These originals were sent to friends and unknown persons without a message, without any comments.
A year later (2023) I wrote a letter in which I referred to the Polaroid that had been sent, enclosed a documentary photo and asked for the current storage location to be documented and returned to me. This documentary photo of the place where the Polaroid is located becomes part of the art project and establishes a relationship to the original, Papua New Guinea and Germany and the person with me. Not all Polaroids arrived, not all person took a picture and set it back, some are still missing.

Each person, who got a Polaroid from PNG in 2022, got this or similar letter one year later

a.v.p. Vuna20220630-IX (Craig Alan Volker)  (2023)

a.v.p. Vuna20220630-VII MK, (2023)

a.v.p. Vuna0220703-IV AR, (2023)

a.v.p. Vuna0220703-X MS, (2023)

a.v.p. Vuna0220703-I TR, (2023)

a.v.p. Vuna20220630-XIV KB, (2023)

a.v.p. Vuna0220703-V EVB, (2023)

a.v.p. Vuna20220701-III SCK, (2023)

a.v.p. Vuna20220702-III SK, (2023)

All sent Polaroids before I put them in the letterbox in Kokopo, Papua New Guinea (2022)

a.v.p. Vuna0220703-IX (2022)

Documentation photo before the were brought to the letterbox

a.v.p. Vuna20220630-IX (2022)

Documentation photo before the were brought to the letterbox