Singing asphalt installation

ANDINGMEN is an sound installation for outside or inside. It has16 loudspeakers which are installed inside of an asphalt  cover. The final installation looks like a section of a regular street but projects some sounds, which seem to move from one to the other  side of the installation. The loudspeaker inside of the asphalt are arranged as lines of walking, so that the sound can wander from one to the next loudspeaker which makes the visitor feel there are „invisible singers“ passing by.  „Ghost singers. The sound was recorded in the hutongs of Beijing. There are traders and collectors driving by by through the hutongs and asking for plastic, selling eggs, offering air-conditions, selling meat, They are more or less yelling or singing their request. But this languag is only spoken in these specific areas and also only understood in this areas and highly endangered.

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sketch of the arrangment of loudspeaker under the asphalt

birds view on the ANDINGMEN installation at the "F+F school for Arts"

Sound - examples of ANDINGMEN

detail of a loudspeaker plexi, with reflection