Aberration - M2


"Aberration - M2" is an image series which is dealing with the photographic failure of Moiré. This aberration can happen if digital cameras chips and structures, which should be photographed are overlapping. The matrixes create an unwanted Moiré which is only possible to avoid if the camera is out of focus so that the pictures become blurry. "Aberration-M2" find a beauty in this and selected the Moiré from the content of the image so that the outstanding structure is presented like a photographic image by itself.

Moiré - M220190112A

Moiré - M220190112B

Moiré - M220190112C

Moiré - M220181203A

Moiré - M220181205A

Moiré - M220181120A

Moiré - M220181120B

Moiré - M220190614A

Moiré - M220190614A

Moiré - M220190614B